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Finally getting to this post is wonderful, especially today as I find myself traveling on a boat from Lucerne to Flüelen. Romansch is intriguing in so many ways, one being the beauty of hearing it spoken. I so appreciate the in-depth discussion here and thoughts on the future of Romasch. Time will tell, and meanwhile, we get to continue to observe and learn from the fascinating process of how we humans communicate.

I love the topic of languages in general in Switzerland, with four official and so many dialects. People swear they can tell where in Basel someone grew up because of the dialect. It speaks to me of how the Swiss respect each other as well as every region and the cultural aspects of it. It may also point a bit to their stubbornness? シ It’s such an interesting recipe, also showing up in their way of governing, a combination of consensus and direct democracy, fierce individualism mixed with compromise. I love it; am happy and privileged to live here.

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